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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Beware of Spam 'Lifehacker' Traffic To Your Blog

Beware of Spam 'Lifehacker' Traffic To Your Blog

Nobody likes spam traffic to his/her blog or website. Because Spam traffic can create problems with your historical data, it uses your bandwidth and you don't even know what kind of abnormal activities it is doing on your website or blog. This spammed traffic can do unusual activities like looking for your website's security weaknesses and finding your websites vulnerabilities.


One day when we are checking our reports of Google Analytics, we found that a lot of traffic is coming to the homepage of our website. So, we verified that from where this traffic is coming, and after checking the referral sources, we found that traffic is coming from a domain similiar to Lifehacker.


Let's check this domain which is similiar to Lifehacker :-

not lifehacker
Ohh.. Domain is not pointing to the, now the concept behind this spamming technique is that web spammer has changed the "k" in the domain name to the "ĸ". So, if anyone is not checking the domain name closely then he/she will not be able to understand this logic. After some research on google, we found that this is the activity of same person who changed the "G" to "ɢ" in for spamming.

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Now, when we took the closer look to the language statistics in google analytics then we found this :-
Although this type of traffic is not a security risk for your website but it is unhealthy for your website or blog. Because it takes up all your site's bandwidth and blocks the organic traffic to your website.


How to Remove this Spam traffic using google analytics :-
For removing this spam traffic we can use filters and segments of google analytics, Before we apply this filter to the website you must make backup of the main or unfiltered view of your blog or website.

Steps to make a backup of your website's unfiltered view :-
1. In your dashboard, Go to Admin
2. Now, In the view column on right click view settings
3. Now, you are able to see all the settings of your main view
4. Now right click on the copy view
5. Now, your backup of unfiltered view is ready and your can apply filters.

Steps to apply filter's on your website :-
1. In dashboard, first select your website
2. Go to Admin
3. Click on filters
4. Now click the red +Add filter button and then you will see this


Fill exactly the same information as above in all the fields, You have to check Create New Filter then just give the filter a name, select Exclude and Campaign Source from the drop down menu. Now copy and paste the regular expression for the filter pattern.


This pattern will now exclude and block all the traffic from this referral path. You can check that filter is working properly or not by clicking Verify this filter button. When you click on this button it will return a box which shows the before and after traffic results when this filter is applied.
Now, the next step is to create an filter to block the "" from the language statistics. For this purpose, just create a new filter and then select language for the filter field. After this put the given below regular expression in the filter pattern field.


Now, just save these filters and these two filters are now ready to block any traffic form these sources.

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