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Sunday, 15 January 2017

How To Choose Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Are you thinking of building a new website or blog with WordPress? Or are you planning to change the design or your already created blog? In both cases, you may require a new WordPress theme. In this post, we will show you 5 things that you need to consider while choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog. Read along to find out How To How To Choose Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog.

So, why choosing a WordPress theme is a tough task? There are many answers to this question. First of all, you have got so many choices that you can use. Secondly, all these themes are perfect. So, how to stick only to one theme right! Whatever the answer is, you have to stick only to one theme at a time. Themes can define your site. If your theme goes out of your site content then your blog may become pointless.


5 Things To Consider On How To Choose Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog

So, let's now dive into the things to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your blog:


1. Type of Site and Niche

Firstly, you need to consider what is the type of your website. What is your envision? Now and later for the next few months or years for your blog. Many of the good themes currently available in 2017 are multipurpose. But you need to consider which suits your needs the most. Make sure you choose Best WordPress Theme.

For example, if you need to choose best WordPress theme for your news publishing site, then you may want a theme which provides to specific layout with a slider and news-ticker.

Therefore, it is a good idea to know specifically about your niche and website.


2. A Free Theme Can Also Suit Your Needs

Free themes now are not that free themes for WordPress which were 5-10 years before. Now, WordPress free themes are feature rich themes. These provide you many of the features like theme options and a built-in slider that you may require.

So, try a free theme which suits your needs. If it feels great then keep it on your blog. The benefits you get by buying premium themes are support, updates and more customization options.


3. Customization & Designs

Many of the themes available have a Demo option. It provides you with many of the features and options that you will get from this theme. So, we encourage you to go through this demos and see whether this theme will suit your blog or not.

If you don't like only the typography then don't dump that theme. You can change that easily.


4. Overall Performance

A good WordPress theme can significantly increase your website's speed and thereby increase the performance. So, before you choose best WordPress theme for your blog make sure you know about the performance of that theme.

Many of the theme providers mention the Google Insight score which gives a fair idea of the speed of a theme. Themes that include many features ofter see a drop in the speed.


5. General Theme Support

If you have access to theme's support forum then you can proceed with that theme. Because, if you get any error in between then you can post it there and find a solution for that.


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