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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How To Create a Social Bookmarking Site Using Pligg 2017

There are many social bookmarking websites available on the web. Some sites are paid while some are free or paid. These sites provide with options to submit your own content so that you may get visitors from that link. You also get a backlink from these sites. It is also a great idea to make your own social bookmarking website. In this post, we will instruct you to create a social bookmarking site using Pligg 2017.

Some examples of social bookmarking websites are Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg and much more. By making a social bookmarking website, you can provide some quality news. You can create a social bookmarking column on your website as, or you can create the social bookmarking site.

The best example of a social bookmarking site is Reddit. A huge amount of visitors is always online there. So, in this post, you will learn how to create a website like Reddit. How cool is that! Right! Also, the main advantage of the social bookmarking website is that you can create a huge amount of money. You can provide sponsored links or show banner ads also some link ads if your website gets going.

How To Create a Social Bookmarking Site Using Pligg 2017

The idea of creating a social bookmarking site is simple. To make your own platform to submit your links instead of using someone's else website. Also, to let visitors use your website to submit links and get money by those visits.

You can create a link submission by using WordPress too. But there is a sure shot CMS available for only this purpose. The best CMS in Pligg. The official description of the CMS is:
Pligg provides social publishing software that encourages visitors to register on your website so that they can submit content and connect with other users.


How To Install Pligg 2017 & Create a Social Bookmarking Site Using Pligg

There are mainly 2 methods that you can use to install Pligg in 2017 -

1. You can install the script from the AutoInstaller present on your hosting service.

2. You can install Pligg manually.


Installing Pligg from AutoInstaller is a task of a couple of clicks. But installing Pligg manually is a little bit difficult. We don't think you will face any issue while installing by the AutoInstaller. We will show you how to install it manually.


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Steps To Install Pligg 2017 and Create a Social Bookmarking Site Using Pligg

Follow these steps to install Pligg -

1. Firstly, you need to download the Pligg CMS. Go to and download the latest version 2.2 of Pligg available.

2. Go to your hosting root folder or a subfolder upload zip file of Pligg and extract the compressed file there.

3. Create a new database and remember the user and password for that database. Also, get the host (Database Server) info.

4. Go to that URL in which you extracted the Pligg. For example, if you extracted in the root folder then access it by using the domain name. If you extracted it in a subfolder, then go the URL of your domain followed by /subfolder.

5. Here you will see some error for setting file and connect database so please that error, both  file for remove this error your need to both filename setting.php to setting.php.default in your folder and now for second error go libs folder and find dbconnect.php.default and change it dbconnect.php .

6. after remove error please click pligg installer.

7. now you have to choose your language but before this you need to change langauge file name in language folder .other wise you will get error on 2nt step

8. you are ready for install pligg cms just click on next step.

9. if you didnt change your langauge file then you will face this error or this go in your language folder change  lang_english.conf.default to lang_english.conf.


10 . Pligg will ask you for Database details. Add the details of the database you just created.

11. this time your database connection connected now you have to click on next step .

12. your pligg bookmark site is ready just filed your user name and password for admin login and add your website title and email id .

14. in this last step you need to follow this rule delete your install folder in your directory for securty and click on admin penal for login your bookmarking website is ready.


That's all! If you do all the steps given above, you will end up with a fresh Pligg installation. If you have any query post it in the comments below.


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