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Saturday, 28 January 2017

How To Create Social Networking Website Using PHPFOX

How To Create Social Networking Website Using PHPFOX

A number of social networking website are developed every day, But it doesn't mean other people are not creating the other social networking website. There is always a need for social networking website, for example - Every college can create their social networking website where all the students and staff can interact with each other. Also, you can create a social networking website for the people who have the common interest or have common locality. For making social networking website easily, you have to use PHPFOX which will provide you the quickest and easiest way to create a social networking website of your own. With the help of PHPFOX, you can easily create social networking website, or you can also manage it easily.

Features And Details Of PHPFOX Script:-
"PHPFOX" is basically a script for making social networking website quickly and easy. PHPFOX script was developed in PHP and MySQL, you don't need to be good in programming to make social networking website, just install this script on your web hosting and you will be ready to go.

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This script consist of many features and here's the list of some notable features of PHPFOX:-
1. Administration Panel
2. Account Privacy just like Facebook or any other social network
3. You can give advertisements & earn money
4. Multilanguage
5. Ability to add or create photos, music, polls, forums, videos, quizzes, events, blogs, etc.
6. It balances the load on server
7. You can easily use Content Management System
8. Browsing & Searching is based on AJAX
9. Easily use Theme Manager
10. It provides a marketplace which is very similar to eBay
11. Timeline feature like Facebook
12. You can Install new applications and game easily
13. Additional Third Party features are also available here
14. Responsive Layout
15. Integration with Content Delivery Network to boost up the speed of website

Build Social Networking Website using PHPFOX script on your web hosting:-
Download PHPFOX script From their official website and upload the downloaded script to your host root directory via FTP clients. Then just type this URL in the web browser -, then press enter. It will take you to the installation page.

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