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Saturday, 21 January 2017

How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems

How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems

Samsung galaxy s4 is a most popular smartphone ever introduced. But the popularity of this smartphone doesn't mean it's free from problems. There are some problems that can be faced after some time, but some of these problems can be fixed easily. In this article, we will discuss some problems of Samsung galaxy s4 and their solutions.

Battery Drains Quickly:-
Many smartphones come with this capability that one-time charge can be used for a single day easily. If you find that Samsung Galaxy s4 battery is getting drained in a short period, then it can be possible that there is a problem with your smartphone's battery, but applications can also be blamed for this drainage of battery.

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You can easily check that which application is draining your battery by just opening the settings of your mobile phone. Firstly tap on settings, then tap on the battery option, and after tapping to it, you will see a graph which illustrates that how your battery is draining and which app is using the battery power. You can uninstall this app or just stop using it.

Phone Gets Hot:-
If your smartphones were getting hot then its the biggest concern which means something is physically wrong with your phone's battery. If your smartphone's battery is getting hot, then it will lead to drain your battery to worse conditions. One way to check this problem is that, you have to remove the battery from the smartphone and place it on the flat surface. If the is rotating freely when you spin it, it means there is no need for replacing the battery, But if it's not rotating freely then there is a need for replacement.

Unexpected Restarts:-
When your smartphone is having unexpected restarts, its another kind of problem. It can be happening due to two reasons; the first reason is that your phone has a physical battery problem or the second reason is a software problem. So you must check for phone and application updates.

Camera Problems:-
Many Samsung Galaxy s4 smartphones users are facing and reporting the problems with the camera. Sometimes camera application get closed unexpectedly, some issues while taking photos and pictures are not displaying properly. You are try clearing the camera app cache to remove this problem.

Wifi Connection Problems:-
Sometimes your mobile is not able to connect to the wifi network because the signal is weak. But Sometimes you are getting a messages that your internet is disabled because of poor or slow connection, then try disabling the mobile data of your smartphone. The other option you can use is to disable wifi power saver mode on your phone.

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