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Monday, 30 January 2017

How To Remove Apps That Can Access Your FB Information

How To Remove Apps That Can Access Your FB Information

Stealing Personal Information - Nowadays every person has its facebook account and every person is using it. Over the years, social networking websites like facebook has expanded their services and these are accessing the user's personal data. Its possible to access your accounts on other applications using facebook credentials.

Most people don't even keep the track of the applications and websites where they logged in using their facebook account. Some of these applications are extracting your personal information from facebook for their own use.

However, there's a way with the help of which you can track all the applications that are using your facebook credential information. There is an section on facebook setting page, where you can see the list of all applications you have logged in. From this page, you can easily remove the applications that are accessing your facebook account details or information.

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Steps To Remove The Applications That Are Accessing Your Personal Information From Facebook :-
Firstly, Click on the "Account Settings" option in the facebook application. Now tap on the "Apps" option, this will land you to the page that will show the applications you've logged in using your facebook account. Now, just tap on "Logged in with facebook" option and then list of all the applications accessing information will be listed in front of you. From this page , you can tap on the application you want to remove from this list. But you are not able to remove all the applications in just one click. So, if you have many applications that are accessing your facebook information, this may become an time consuming task.

From the "Apps Page", you can also turn off to receive the alerts from applications and games. By default this option is "ON". If you don't want to receive unwanted notifications from the games and applications, then just turn this option "off".

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