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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Increase Alexa Traffic Rank - Top 10 Tips For Promised Success

One rank which matters the most to bloggers after the Google Page Rank is Alexa Traffic Rank. Many Bloggers and Webmasters judge a website by its Alexa Traffic Rank. So, it becomes important to increase Alexa Traffic Rank.

Also, some advertisers publish their ads on a website by checking and asking for its Alexa Traffic Rank. Actually, Alexa Traffic Rank has nothing to do with a blog traffic. We only judge the popularity of the website by the Alexa Rank. In this post, we will give you top 10 tips to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank for your blog. So, read along we promise you will learn something great.


Top 10 Tips To Increase Alexa Traffic Rank Of Your Blog

First of all, you might need to know what Alexa Rank is and how the Alexa Traffic Rank is measured. Let us start by answering these two questions.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank? ranks each and every blog and website based on the daily traffic, organic searches, bounce rate and some more other factors. They then form an Alexa Traffic Rank which is daily updated.

If may be the case that your Alexa Traffic Rank is not shown yet. This is because that your blog is not much old or you are not receiving many visitors. So, wait for the next day and it will show for sure.

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How Alexa Traffic Rank is measured?

You might be wondering why we said that Alexa Traffic Rank is nothing to do with actual traffic for your blog. This is so because only the visits which get passed by the Alexa System are counted. So, if someone visits your site but he doesn't have an Alexa Widget or Toolbar than that visit will not get counted. Sounds unfair right! Surely it is.


10 Tips For Increasing Your Alexa Traffic Rank

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

Install the Alexa Toolbar and ask everyone you have in your circle to get it installed. By doing this their hits will also get counted.

2. Claim your website

Claiming the website on Alexa gives you full control of it. This feature is paid currently.

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3. Put Alexa Widget on Your Blog or Website

By doing this Alexa will count each and every visit on your blog or website.

4. Get More Traffic From Bloggers

All bloggers may have already installed Alexa Toolbar on their browser. So, by getting traffic from them you get more hits in Alexa system.

5. Backlink your site

Backlinks get counted in the Alexa System. So, if you have more backlinks your Alexa Traffic Rank will increase for sure.

6. Update Your Blog Regularly

Make sure you update your blog regularly. This will decrease the chances of your Alexa Rank getting decreased.

7. Write Quality Posts

Write quality post which your users love to read and share too. This will increase Alexa Traffic Rank of your blog.

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8. Share Your Posts On Social Media

Share your posts on social media like facebook, twitter, Reddit or Digg. This will give you more traffic as well as good Alexa Traffic Rank.

9. Write a review about Alexa

Write a review about and link it back to them.

10. Write more Posts about Internet Marketing and Blogging

This may also increase your Alexa Traffic Rank because more bloggers and internet marketers will visit your site by this tip.


That's all we got for you in this article about How to increase Alexa Traffic Rank? If you have any question then write it in the comments below. We will answer it for sure.


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