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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Shared Hosting vs VPS Cloud- Dedicated - Comparison

Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated

Before I start the comparison between Shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated hosting (Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated), you all must know about what web hosting is. If you don't know let me explain it to you.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service which provides space for your website on the internet. When you develop a website and want to show the content to the users, you have to publish or upload it to the web hosting service. Companies which provides web hosting has computers that are hooked up to the internet 24/7. These PC's are known as servers and they all have their unique IP address in order that they may be found by other computers hooked up to the internet. It is on these servers that all your web files are stored, be they HTML files, CSS files, Javascript files, Graphic files, etc.

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Types of Web Hosting :-

Due to development in technology, different types of web hosting are provided according to the needs of website and customer:-
1. Shared Web hosting
2. VPS - Virtual Private Servers
3. Cloud Hosting
4. Dedicated Hosting

Now : - Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated

Shared Web Hosting :-
Range varies from $1 to $26 per month
This plan is the most commonly used hosting plan all over the world. People who are new to the world of blogging and websites use this type of web hosting. This hosting plan is the cheapest option for the starters. In this hosting, you are sharing all the resources available to you like CPU Time, Bandwidth, Disk Space and Memory.

Recommended Hosts :-
- Bluehost
- Hostgator
- Dreamhost

VPS - Virtual Private Server :-
Range varies from $7 to $70 per month
VPS are different from shared web hosting. VPS is managed by you, it means only you are responsible for everything that happens to the server. Sharing of the resources is also there in virtual hosting but in this number of people are less and all have their own allowances.

Recommended Hosts :-
- Knownhost
- Dreamhost
- Wiredtree
- Bluehost

Cloud Hosting :-
Range varies from $2 to $160 per month
This hosting became famous in 2015 and now it is widely used. You have seen people living on rent, just like that you get a machine which gives you resources like Disk space, Memory, CPU, etc. But in the case of cloud hosting, you don't get any machine instead of that your hardware is totally virtual which brings very cool features to your service. It is very fast when compared with other hosting services.

Recommended Host :-
- Dreamhost

Dedicated Hosting :-
Range varies from $60 to $1800 per month
Now at the last, we are talking about the dedicated hosting. This is known as dedicated hosting because in this all the facilities are just yours. No other people will interrupt in your work.

Recommended Host :-
- Godaddy
- Hostgator

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