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Monday, 9 January 2017

The Top 5 Innovative Products Unveiled At CES 2017

This year the Consumer Electronic Show(CES) took place from 5 to 8 January at Las Vegas. All tech companies tried their best to impress consumers and wow the visitors. Apart from the laptops, smartphones that will launch this year 2017 here we got for you Top 5 Innovative Products Unveiled at CES 2017. These all products won the CES Innovation Awards this year.

Top 5 Innovative Products Unveiled At CES 2017

1. Floating the air Wireless Speaker

This speaker is manufactured by CrazyBaby. It looks like an alien ship but it is actually a floating speaker.


The mid-air floating speaker spreads around the woofer. It gives it a great look as well as the sound quality also increases.


2. Wireless Charging Ceiling Tile

This is one of the Top 5 Innovative Products unveiled at CES 2017. This tile is manufactured by Cota and it delivers wireless power without any plugs or pads. Wireless Charging Ceiling Tile is made in a way that it can replace a standard ceiling tile.

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This tile can charge phones within a 30-foot radius, this makes it invisible as wireless internet. Cota proved that its Wireless Ceiling Tile is safe for pets, people and plants, also it doesn't interfere with other wireless networks. Cota tiles can be the next future tiles to be installed in every room. The receivers used by these tiles are also small in size.

3. AI for Visually Impaired and Blind

Airpoly Vision is the name of the manufacturer of the AI that was introduced in CES 2017 for visually impaired and blind. It helps them explore their surroundings.


If it gets installed by default in every new smartphone then it can be the very helpful for visually impaired people around the globe.


4. Self-administered Eye Exam

EyeQue aims to bring the eyesight test to the hands of every individual by using a smartphone app. You can be able to check your eyesight without any need of a doctor. It does this by using a Rs. 2000 optical device that gets attached with the app.


This product is also one of the top 5 innovative products unveiled at CES 2017. Currently, the company is taking preorders for the device but it can be available this year.


5. Heartbeat Sensing For Identity Verification

The company Goodix Live Fingerprint Scanner is planning to have an additional layer of security. The company aims to match the heartbeat of a person with the fingerprints for establishing identities.


This will a type of biometric security that will determine heartbeat signature from the finger. This technology can also be rolling out this year.

So, that's our list of the Top 5 Most Innovative Products Unveiled at CES 2017. Tell us if you have anything to add. Also. do share this article with your friends. These things can be the next big things in the future.

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