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Friday, 13 January 2017

Tips And Tricks For Nougat - Android 7.0

Tips And Tricks For Nougat - Android 7.0

The new version of the android operating system was officially released on 22 August 2016 with a special codename "Nougat" i.e, Android 7.0. This version was officially released for Pixel and Nexus devices but now it's rolling out for all others android devices. Here's the list of Tips And Tricks For Nougat 7 and all new features and improvements in the Latest version:-
1. Customize Quick Settings
2. Direct reply
3. Get bundled notifications
4. Close background running services
5. Use File Encryption
6. Unlock System Tuner UI
7. Adjust font and screen size

Customize Quick Settings:-
The quick setting option allows the android user to quickly configure all the common system settings such as WiFi, Auto-Rotation, Turning on/off hotspot, Mobile Data, Turning on/off Bluetooth.

For Quick customization:-
- Slide down from the top to open notification bar
- Slide down again to view toggle settings
- Click edit button to view Quick setting configuration
- Now, Drag and Drop the tiles you want to use

customize quick settings

Direct Reply:-
Direct Reply feature allows you to give the reply to the message directly from the notification drawer which means you don't need to open that app to give the reply to the message. Also, it consists of another feature known as Expandable notifications, which allows users to view more details of the notification.

To use Direct reply feature:-
- Slide down from the top of your device screen
- Swipe notification drawer again with two fingers
- Now, just type your message and tap reply button

To use Expandable Notification feature:-
- Click on the tiny arrow button to see more details about the notification

direct reply and expandable notifications

Get Bundled Notifications:-
This is a totally new feature of Nougat, this feature allows to group all the notifications into one notification. If you tap only once on the bundled notification, then it will run the associated application on your device. If you swipe down using two fingers then it will show the individual notification.

get bundled notifications

Close background running services:-
- Go to settings
- Developer options
- Running services
- Now, click on the service you want to stop

close background running services

Use File Encryption:-
To encrypt your device use the followings steps -
- Go to settings
- Developer options
- Convert to file encryption
- Now, Click Wipe And Convert

use file encryption

Unlock System Tuner UI:-
This is a powerful enhancement, to enable this you must follow these steps -
- Open Quick settings
- Tap and hold the settings icon until it starts spinning
- Now the feature is activated on your device

unlock system tuner ui

Adjust font and screen size:-
To adjust the text size, follow these steps:-
- Open settings
- select display
- tap font size
- Now, set the slider for font size

To adjust the size of non-textual parts like buttons, drawers and bars:-
- Open settings
- click display
- Tap display size
- Now, set the slider for size you want

adjust font and screen size

These are the Tips And Tricks For Nougat - Android 7.0

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