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Monday, 30 January 2017

Why Not To Start With Multi Niche Blog ?

Why Not Start With Multi Niche Blog?

You are reading this article because some questions are raised in your mind related to blogging. These questions may be like "Which type of blogging is best for you to start your journey ?" or "Which is better - Multi Niche Blog or Single Niche Blog ?" or "Which type of blog will help you to earn more money ?"

Given above are the few questions which you must keep in mind when starting a new blog. In the field of blogging, we refer a blog topic as "niche."

These Are Some Examples of The Niche Websites Having Good Alexa Ranking:-

www.shoutmeloud.com - Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, and Blogging
www.moz.com - Search Engine Optimization
www.colorlib.com - Wordpress Themes, Wordpress

While starting your new blog, the important thing is consistency. I have seen many bloggers who are posting about one topic on their blog and on the next day they are posting about another topic. This is a big mistake and will also affect your search engine optimization very badly. You can multi-niche blogging is your website or blog has already good Alexa traffic rank.

Hence, You must focus on one niche topic and later on you can do multi-niche blogging.

Single Niche Blog VS Multi Niche Blog:-
New bloggers find it very difficult to decide their niche topic, and they write about everything on their blog which affects their search engine optimization. This is a myth in the mind of new bloggers that writing about all the topics will rank their website on the top list of Google search results.

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But this not true at all. So before starting your blog, you must ask yourself these two questions.
1. In which field, you are expertise?
2. Which topic looks more interesting to you?

After analyzing these questions and getting an answer to these questions, you can plan to start your niche blog.

Why have Multi Niche Website or Blog Bad SEO Score?
1. Advertisers give first preference to the specialist blogs
2. Unable to create regular visitors

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