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Monday, 6 March 2017

Best Tips for Social bookmarking for better SEO

If you are into blogging, you must be quite familiar with the concept of social bookmarking. You cannot undermine the importance of social media in promoting your website, or blog. Though it has found widespread usage since long, the social bookmarking has become more important in recent times. You would be able to generate more traffic with the aid of social bookmarking. We present the best tips for social bookmarking for generating better traffic and thereby better revenue.

Best Tips for Social Bookmarking

There are a few tried and tested tips for social bookmarking. These have widely been practiced by well-known and successful bloggers over the years. We will analyze these tips one by one here in this post. To begin with, we will i=understand what exactly is Social Bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Well, as you are well aware, bookmarking would be something you would do with anything you come across on the website. If it interests you - you will mark it and save it for checking it out later. Social Bookmarking does the same with your blog links.
Instead of people bookmarking your pages, you bookmark the pages yourself and share them online. It just involves sharing a blog link on a social site. You simply copy the link and add the necessary keywords to it and then save it on the public social site. The site will determine the importance of the links based on the keywords and other factors and decide which of its users will be shown the links.

Tips and tricks on Social Bookmarking

What you need to pay attention to while bookmarking your link will depend on the tags. Tags do play an important role and are dependent on the keywords. There are several social bookmarking sites you can use. Some of the popular names can be Digg and Delicious among others.

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There are many tips to benefit you with respect to a better social bookmarking. Let us list out a few tips in the following paragraphs.

  • Opt for DOFOLLOW sites - Dofollow links will help you get more traffic by means of social bookmarking. Check out the social bookmarking sites that allow dofollw links. From the SEO point of view, choosing a good site offering dofollow links would be essential. Tumblr is one such example. There are several directory search sites available. These too offer dofollow links.


  • Time your submissions - Most of the social bookmarking sites have a time frame for displaying the content. It is generally observed that there is a 24 hours window practiced in most cases. Learn to time your submissions. Target the time that has peak traffic. Most of the traffic, we find more traffic in the afternoon. Make an attempt to make submissions at that time.


  • Add bookmark or share button to your articles - Change the template of your site to add a share button at the bottom of every article. That way, if any of your readers is impressed with the post, he/she will find an easier way to share it on their social profile. Clicking on the share button will be easier than copy pasting the link manually. No reader will bother to take that much of a trouble.


  • Use different descriptions for each site

    - Do not use the same description for every bookmarking site. Rearrange the words and come up with different description phrases for every bookmarking site you submit to. Make different titles using multiple permutations and combinations of the same keywords. You can add different prefixes and suffixes to the actual keywords to arrive at unique titles.


  • Develop communities - Submitting the links alone on social bookmarking sites may not suffice your requirements. You can consider creating a community of like-minded people and discuss things. . If you find any community that shares your interest, we would advise you to join them. Pay attention to the fact that whether they share same interests. Follow the members of the community. Do share their bookmarks. This will ensure that they will share your links.


  • Descriptions are important - Adding a proper description is one of the important aspects of social bookmarking. Try to make your descriptions and titles as catchy and interesting as possible. Do not go overboard. Stay simple and brief, but make them clearly understandable. Use under 160 characters for the description as many readers will never go through the longer descriptions.


  • Tags and Keywords - You are aware that keywords play an important role in SEO. Make it a point to add proper keywords in your titles and descriptions. You can use low and high-value keywords while composing the descriptions and add your main keyword judiciously.


  • Opt for a right category - This is one of the important aspects to be taken care of while you are into social bookmarking. Submitting your link to the wrong category may not get you the results you are hoping for. Choose the right category so that you can get more views and better traffic. Most of the bloggers submit their links in the general category which may not be useful. Search for the relevant category before posting your link with proper keywords and tags.

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The Final Thoughts

That would conclude our best tips for Social bookmarking for better SEO. Though the social bookmarking sites are not exactly meant for Search Engine Optimisation, you can get it work for your benefits. Always remember that there is no hard and fast rule to gather more traffic to your website. Social Bookmarking is one of the ways with which you can attempt to generate traffic to your website, optimizing or blog. We do hope that the tips and tricks featured above would be helpful for the budding bloggers.

We would welcome our readers to share their views and opinions on the tips compiled in this article. If you have any more ideas that would help the upcoming bloggers and website optimizing their sites and building social bookmarks, you are welcome to share your views with us. We will be happy to share your ideas with our readers.

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