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Monday, 6 March 2017

Top Cheap and Best Linux Hosting Services

If you are a blogger or a web administrator - you would need to have the tasks like managing the virtual hosts and configuring them. However, that would be an easy task - what with affordable hosting services that do the work for you. We list out the affordable and best Linux Hosting services here.

Best Linux Hosting Hosting Services

There are many excellent Hosting services available. Most of them offer you unique features. We will conduct concise reviews of the best Linux Hosting Services that would offer you affordable services.

Cloudways - Best among Cloud-based best Linux Hosting services

Cloudways is one of the latest entrants in the Linux Hosting services arena. The service lets you managing and monitoring high-end applications. It does offer you an excellent server and application management.

If you want to move to the cloud hosting service rather than using a web-based hosting service, Cloudways can be a good option for you.
Some of the features that set it apart as a Linux hosting service are

  • Best in class support.

  • The service offers you an easy installation process.

  • It handles cloud infrastructure and hosting services

  • You can easily set it up and configure.

  • Regular security updates and patches.

Cloudways can be one of the best options while opting for Linux Hosting services and it is affordable too. If you plan to use Cloud Hosting for WordPress, it should be the best choice.

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DreamHost claims that it takes just a few hours to set up your website, blog or any other site. The PC Mag has adjudged the service as being the best Linux Hosting service.
DreamHost boasts of multiple features for your web hosting. Their affordable plans and dedicated services offer an excellent control over your needs of managing the sites of your choice. Some salient features can be summed up as

  • A good list of security features.

  • The service offers great VPS functionality.

  • DreamHost has excellent cloud hosting plans.

  • The service provides money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

  • DreamHost works out to be a perfect combination of features and prices.

  • It offers multiple channels for customer service and offers excellent after sales services.

If you are an experienced web designer and have enough knowledge of using different tools, DreamHost can be the good option. In case you are a novice, it may not suit you.


Bluehost was launched in 2003 and it has been growing at a steady pace since then. Their strength lies in the use of open source technology and cloud-based solutions. In fact, it is the best service providers in terms of cloud-based online solutions.
Some of the features that set it apart are

  • It offers you multiple hosting services. VPS hosting shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting are some of the services that are on offer.

  • Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth and other hosting resources.

  • The functionality is quite easy. Even a novice can use it with ease.

  • The enhanced Cpanel ensures that it is easier to configure and control the sites.

  • They offer best customer support services. You get live chat, telephone based customer care and email services to handle customer care.

If you are about to launch a new WordPress blog or website, Bluehost can be an excellent choice among best Linux Hosting service. It does offer you an easy interface and configuration.


Hostgator is one of the most popular Linux Hosting services that offers multiple service features. Right from shared to cloud hosting, you can opt for any sort of service that meets your requirements.
Hostgator has been a well-known brand in terms of better hosting services. It is established in 2012 and the service offers you a wider range of services. A few salient features of the service can be summed up as

  • CPanel powers it. That would make it one of the great options to set up your site in easy steps.

  • You get high-end support. Hostgator is known for their round the clock customer service.

  • It offers multiple plans so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements. The options are flexible and would meet all budgets.

  • The 45-day money back guarantee is what should make one of the great features.

  • The Hostgator service has better support for E-Commerce sites.

You should be able to use the Hostgator service no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. You should definitely try it out if you are really serious about blogging.

Siteground Hosting

High-end performance, great customer care, and excellent pricing - these are some features that should make you opt for Siteground Hosting services. It offers you a wider range of hosting services.
Some of the specific features of this service would be

  • It is a well-known service with faster server access. They have data centers at strategic locations and thus offer quite speedier service.

  • The Siteground Hosting provides you automatic backup options.

  • The service lets you choose server locations of your choice.

  • The service offers stronger features like simpler cPanel and secure back-end support.

  • The Siteground offers excellent customer support.

Though one of the latest entrants in the field of Linux Hosting services, Siteground hosting has promising features and functionality and rightly claims a place among the list of best Linux Hosting service. The hosting service has well-featured tutorials to help you out in setting up the sites quite quickly.

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In Conclusion

That would conclude our top picks for the best Linux Hosting services you can opt for. We have considered varied interests and genres of customers while compiling this listing. Whether you are looking for cloud-based hosting or web-based hosting, we assume the services featured in this compilation should help you in opting for a service for your needs. The Hosting services reviewed in this article should ideally be helpful in looking for and searching for the best service in tune with your requirements.
What do you think about the services listed out here? Do share your views and impressions about the different hosting services that we have covered in this article. If you have any other options or have experience with any other best Linux hosting service that you think we have left out here, you are welcome to share your opinions for the benefit of our readers.

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