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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

FIFA 18 Needs to Bring Innovative Things to Please the Fans

There have been an incredible number of changes in the field of video games and the credit certainly goes to the new things which have come in the field of technology. The impact can be clearly visible in the games for there have been quite a number of innovations which have come in. The developers of the video games have invested a lot of ideas behind the games, and they also deserve the kudos for that.

FIFA 18 Needs to Bring Innovative Things to Please the Fans

However, the fans are always expecting some new things to come in every game. This particularly happens with the games which come out once in every year. These games do come with new things every year, but even then the gamers expect more. And that is quite obvious, and that happens particularly when one of the editions fail to perform particularly well. This kind of a situation can be identified with FIfa 18.

Over the years, the developers of the games in the series FIFA have brought so many new things that the gamers have high expectations of them. FIFA 17 could not live up to its expectations as there were a lot of glitches which the gamers did not like particularly. So the gamers are expecting a lot of things, and they are pinning their hopes on FIFA 18. It is believed that there are a lot of new things that will come with the official launch of the game and there is quite a long list.

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One of the first things that the gamers would love to see coming in is in the women’s football. In reality, women’s football is almost equally popular as the men’s football. But FIFA doesn’t endorse too much scope for the game in women’s football. So an expansion in this section of the game would make things much more realistic than it has been all this while. To be very honest it is there in the game FIFA 17, but one cannot play women’s football in any other mode than kick-off. A manager mode in women’s football is one of the basic things that should be brought in the game FIFA 18.

The Journey Mode is certainly one of the most popular sections in the available versions of the game. But there is a lot of things that can be upgraded in this section as well. The gamers can have much better experience while playing in this mode. Hence, this also turns out to be one of the sections where development can make things even better than what it is now.

Also, in the real life game, we can always notice the presence of the ball-boys. But in the game, we have not seen any concept of ball-boy. So the appearance of the ball-boys on the sidelines of the playing pitch can give the gamer an experience very close to reality. So this adds one more to the already long list of expected things that are going to come with FIFA 18. But the final call will certainly be taken by the developers. So we will have to wait for the game to get launched which will happen in the month of September. Well, that is the tradition.

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