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Friday, 5 May 2017

Kik for PC Happens For Real, Find Out How

You know of Kik right? It is exclusively for phone users and could not be used by users or other platforms, but for once we know the truth. You really can use Kik for PC, and there are more than one ways of doing it. Also, there are quite a good number of reasons why to should be using the app on your handset as well as in PC. Kik is an incredible app. It’s a shame that it should be available to only a handful of people which is where we come in. We will be discussing all those and more this post.

Kik for PC Happens For Real

In this fast moving world, all we can do is take the best of technology and us it. No matter where your folks are and no matter where you are, you can instantly get connected with them from anywhere in the world. We haven’t talked about the apps best quality just yet. One of the greatest reason people end up using the app is that you have the option to use an anonymous username and contact another person using his or her username. You can do all these without having to reveal your phone number. Also, you can do that without having to pay a single penny, but you would have to have access to the internet. When it comes to using Kik, everything comes free of cost which is great, to say the least.

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Okay so before we tell you how to use the app on your Windows PC, let us just recap for anyone who doesn’t use the app on how you can use the app on your Android smartphone. The method is really easy, and we will be telling you all these in a step-by-step format so you that you can follow and not get confused. Not that there are a ton of steps, but in case you do make sure that you go back and begin from the very start. That’ll be a better way to move ahead instead of making a mess over a mess. Just keep these in mind when you follow the steps we are listing down. Here we go.

First, open your handset and go ahead to the Google Play Store. Once inside, search for Kik, and you will be directed to a page from where you will have to able to see the install button. Hit it and then go ahead and download and install the app. And that’s all you have to do, but the Kik for PC things is a little more complicated. The first thing that you’ll do is download and Android emulator, and the best one is called the Bluestacks, and it comes free of cost.

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The reason you need an emulator is that you need to fool Kik that it’s working on an Android platform instead of a Windows platform. That is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, but the emulator seems to do it without any problem, so you should absolutely go for the emulator. Next, you need to get Kik Apk downloaded and then go ahead and open it using Bluestack. And that all you need to do. Face any problems, tell us using the comment section below.