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Monday, 8 May 2017

Vidmate for PC is Your Answer to All Your Entertainment Woes

Vidmate for PC is Answer to All Your Entertainment Woes

Vidmate the latest solution the internet has to offer to all your entertainment woes. This app is basically an alternative to YouTube but in reality is far better than the Google giant’s service. The app is for free and offers a ton of perks that makes Vidmate a dire miss for those who haven’t heard of need. A lot of your reading this is probably using the Vidmate app on their Android phone but did you know you could use the app on your Windows computer too. So this is where we come in, here we are planning to provide you a guide on how to use the app on your PC. Let get on with it.

Before jumping in on how to get the app to work on your handset, it's better if you know what good things the app will be bringing in your life. Like we mentioned earlier, the app is absolutely free of cost. Besides streaming videos that includes the latest films and television shows, Vidmate also allows users to download them and keep it in their handset for offline viewing. The videos are derived from trusted sites and are regularly updates with new contents. One of the most helpful features that we discovered about the app is the kind of informative details available on the pages of each video. Once you go to the page of one particular, say movie, you’ll see a synopsis, cast and crew, trailer, rating and a comment section that’ll help you understand what your fellow mates have to say about the film and figure out if the film is worth your watch after all.

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Before going to how to get Vidmate to work on your desktop, here’s a guide on how you can get the app on your Android handset if you haven’t already. You would need to prepare your smartphone first. Go to Setting> Security and then turn on ‘Unknown Resources’ so that Android doesn’t stop the app from installing into your handset. The app isn’t available on Google Play Store thanks to Google’s policies against downloading apps. But you can Google search for Vidmate and download the Apk file. It’ll install automatically, and once it does, you need to restart your phone. See the app on your home screen, tap on it, lay back and chill.

Anyone who wants to use Vidmate on their Windows PC, they need to download an Android emulator for the app. The emulator will help fool Vidmate into believing that it's working on an Android emulator instead of operating on Windows PC. Go to the official Bluestacks site, as the software is the best emulator available for free of cost. Download and install the software on your PC. Now Google searches for Vidmate and downloads the Apk file. After that, go to the download folder and select Vidmate Apk then open with Bluestacks. Now onwards you’ll have to open the app using the app every single time. The guide we provided above is a working hack. We hope it comes handy to our readers.

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